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Developing software for PLC, SCADA systems and software solutions in various industries
We have a lot of experience in working on projects around the world (Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Mexico).

Applying innovative technologies and accumulated knowledge while solving your task, we will reveal the potential and increase the efficiency of your equipment.

Thanks to our high professionalism and a wide range of our competencies, you can always be sure that your equipment is configured correctly and works optimally!
Our goal is your effectiveness
Our services
Industrial programming
"We program PLC (IEC - 61131-3), HMI and SCADA for centralized and distributed process control systems from various manufacturers.

All we commonly need to start a development is the project documentation and a brief description of your process, which we create together with you.
Performing of commissioning
The offline development process having been completed and the process of preliminary testing of the software having been carried out in our office, we proceed to setting up your equipment online.

This process, depending on your preferences, can be held in the presence of our specialist at your enterprise or through a remote connection via the Internet.
Development and implementation of industry solutions
Our experience and competencies in some industries went beyond just "a good understanding" of the process, and have become something more.

Using as a basis the hardware and software of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial automation, we have created ready-made industry solutions that can be integrated into your production "on a turn-key basis.
Development of Desktop and Web applications
We realize that the current market trends require modern solutions from you.

Therefore, if your machine should send any data to the Cloud or you need to solve a non-standard problem and develop a specialized application in C#, we will also be happy to offer you our services.
We also have many years of experience in the design of automated control systems in EPLAN P8 and AutoCAD, and are ready to offer you our assistance in the development of design solutions and related project documentation.
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Our team
Our team
Why are we?
More than 60 completed projects throughout the world
Programming in accordance with IEC - 61131-3 (Codesys 2.3 / 3.5, TIA-Portal, STEP7, Unity Pro, SoMachine, CX-One, RSLogics, WinCC, Citect)
A wide range of competencies
"Using various programming languages (VB, C++/C#, SQL, JavaScript, CSS/HTML)
Fixed prices
Estimating the time and fixing the cost before starting work
Guaranteed fulfillment of the order due to the contract concluded with a
European company

Industry solutions
Smart Route
An automated control system of the grain elevator complex
We provide a full range of grain elevator automation services "on a turn-key basis". Thanks to the proven and patented solutions, we can reduce energy consumption and increase resources of the equipment.
Smart Recipe
An automated process control system for manufacturing compound feed
Combine all departments of your enterprise through a single software interface. We guarantee the maximum efficiency of your equipment and eliminate your costs associated with unskilled personnel.
Sludge drying systems


Marble defect remover
Task: Recognition of defects on marble slabs, their precise machine laser removal, restoration and polishing.

Applied skills: C # (WPF, Emgu CV), Python (TensorFlow, Keras), deep learning.

Equipment: SIMATIC S7-1500, HMI KTP Mobile (TIA Portal), SD / FD (SEW Eurodrive, Festo).
Feed mill with a productivity of 25 tons / h.
Task: Dosing of crops and micro-components, storage and accounting of raw materials, shipment of finished products.

Applied skills: C # (WPF, Entity Framework), MS SQL, Citect SCADA.

Equipment: Modicon M580 (Unity Pro), Modicon M241 (Somachine), HMI Magelis (Vijeo Designer), FD (Altivar 930, Altivar 320).
Granary with a capacity of 63,000 tons.
Task: Automation of drying, cleaning, storage, acceptance and shipment of grain.

Applied skills: Visual Basic, MS SQL, WinCC Professional.

Equipment: SIMATIC S7-300 (TIA Portal), FD (Altivar 312).
Automation of a machine for cleaning products after flocking
Task: Applying a flock coating on objects.

Applied skills: Visual Basic, MS SQL.

Equipment: SIMATIC S7-1500, HMI KTP Comfort (TIA Portal), PILZ (PNOZmulti Configurator), SD / FD (SEW Eurodrive).
Pumping station
Task: Control of a pulp and pump station, a high-voltage frequency converter, valves and related equipment.

Applied Skills: Visual Basic.

Equipment: Modicon M241 (Somachine), HMI Weintek (Easybuilder), FD (Triol AT27).
Boehm AG mobile application
Task: Development of a corporate mobile application for Android and iOS.

Applied skills: Swift (iOS), Java (Android Studio).

Equipment: all types of modern mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).
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